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El Debate

Meijide - Villarruel - Carrió - Larrabure

Testimonio de lo que debería ser el comienzo del Gran Debate Nacional.

Graciela Fernández Meijide, Victoria Villarruel, Lilita Carriá y Arturo Larrabure exponen sus ideas sobre nuestro pasado, presente y lo que debería ser una Argentina justo en el inminente futuro.

Alfredo Forti, Vice Ministro de Defensa

Convertido en un instrumento del gobierno para acechar ciudadanos

El también fue victima, y tiene un fuego y un odio que lleva consigo, justificable, dado el drama que le toco vivir. Si, es totalmente responsable la justicia de consentirlo en su fragante delito de amenazas. Si, son  responsables quienes le dieron un cargo dentro de las estructuras del gobierno para convertirlo en un arma perfecta de continua violencia y venganza. 

English Transcription


Forti: "I was called as a witness in trial. WE came to testify, not only about what happened (De facto period events), all the investigations that have been done, all legal procedures and trials, but also to testify about the fact that it is not clear. I wanted to point out in front of the judges that the suspects were -the majority of them- in the police headquarters place where my mother was detain after they kidnapped her in Buenos Aires among us. These former policemen and army members, men, women, civilians, religious priests also, are direct witnesses and responsible for typical actions of the De Facto government: illegal arrests, tortures, missing people, and what we hope is not only the sentence for these men and women but also through more investigations we can reach out new leads, new evidences that would be helpful to us to find out the truth.

Journalist: You asked all the suspects in order to help with some leads or information about their relatives...

Forti: Exactly. I said, because of their (bad) behavior they (The army members, the policemen) will end up in jail for the rest of their lives. They (The former army member's relatives) have the responsibility and the possibility to help not only to redeem themselves but also to put an stop in something that is going to affect their accomplices, friends, also relatives who knew what happened and -for us- they will be presumed responsible either for their actions or omissions or for covering information we need to solve the case. We will continue and we will have it done.

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